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Improved performanace

The LYSAGHT SUPAPURLIN® profiles consist of a LYSAGHT SupaZed® and SupaCee® profile. These SUPAPURLIN are an advancement of the traditional Zed and Cee profiles. The benefits of the traditional Zed and Cee profiles are retained, however there are substantial added benefits of the new LYSAGHT SupaZed® and SupaCee® purlin profiles.The features of the traditional purlins that are the same in the SUPAPURLIN® shapes are:

  • Single web
  • Top & Bottom flange. The Cee profile has equal flanges. The Zed profile has the flanges facing in opposite direction and one flange is "wide" and one is "narrow" to allow lapping.
  • Lip stiffeners at the free end, or extremity, of the flange. These lips point back towards the centre of the profile.
  • Longitudinal web stiffeners (4 off)
  • Lip has an added stiffeners at the free end, or extremity, of the lip. These added stiffeners point back towards the web of the profile
  • No change to the accepted practices of packaging, marking and handling.
  • No change to the accepted traditional practices of installation. The lapping method is unchanged, the cleat fixing is unchanged, the bridging installation is unchanged, the fixing of fly bracing and accessories is unchanged
  • Minimal face-to-face metal contact means minimised staining of surfaces, and no locking of purlins in frozen bundles.
  • Purlin nesting results in no wedging/interlocking of purlins in bundles means ease of separation on site.
  • Rounded lips means added site safety from handling of sharp edges.
  • Rounded corners means added site safety due to ease of sliding of purlins on rafter surfaces, and no damage to surfaces of painted rafters from sliding of purlins during installation.
  • Rigidity of purlin means added safety and less labour requirements during the flipping of purlins during installation onto cleats.
  • Unique patented profile, which cannot be copied. What is specified is what you get. Thus the design strength is not compromised and the material is guaranteed to be Australian
  • Significant improvement in strength performance can be achieved in many purlin sizes and span configurations. Thus there are considerable further economic benefits to be made
  • LYSAGHT® SupaPurlin software available from the University of Sydney, please visit the page LYSAGHT® SupaPurlin Software
  • Suitable for use for commercial, industrial and rural buildings, medium and small structures such as sheds and awnings, structural frame of small and medium sized buildings, racking frames, wall framing such as stud and plate/track, floor joists, rafters and beams, posts

Improved Performance

The efficiency of the SUPAPURLIN profiles delivers significant savings. Performance improvements can be achieved over traditional zed and cee purlin designs, when using LYSAGHT SupaZed® and LYSAGHT SupaCee® Purlins. The result is increased purlin spacing, increased purlin spans (frame or rafter spacing) and fewer rows of bridging.

(Performance comparisons vary by individual purlin size, span configuration and bridging configuration. We can help with design comparisons for your next project.)

Capacity Gain - SupaZed® over Traditional Zed Purlin

Indicative only, subject to design criteria and assumptions used.

Please Note: When comparing the capacity of LYSAGHT® purlins with other purlin profiles care needs to be exercised. Comparisons can only be successfully completed when a "like-for-like" comparison is made. Differences can result from a number of reasons such as the selection of design parameters for;

  • Cleat restraints, cladding restraints
  • Bridging location
  • Profile dimensions
  • Lap length

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