Account Application


All Metal’s Credit Application and Personal Guarantee are to be completed in full by all applicants. Any missing data or signatures may delay processing.

Review the checklist and download the form to apply

Please note: Digital signatures are not accepted, and the original application is required to open an account.

Application for 30 day Trading Account 

  • Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully, prior to submitting the application
  • Complete all details
  • Print the completed application
  • All Directors, Partners, and Sole Traders to sign and date the Terms and Conditions and Personal Guarantee
  • Independent witness cannot be a relative, spouse or an All Metal employee
  • Scan the completed application to for processing
  • Post the original signed document (all 8 pages) to the address below

Attn: Credit Department

PO Box 6164

Wetherill Park BC NSW 1851

New Credit Applications can take approximately 5-10 days to process.

Privacy Policy

All Metal’s privacy policy details information about how we collect, use, and handle personal information, including personal information collected via our website. Information that is relevant to our business:

  • Information on business contacts, contractors, consultants, customers, and suppliers
  • Information on individuals applying for the employment and sub-contractor positions which are regularly advertised on our website
  • Employee information
  • Information about the way you use our website

A copy of our policy is available on the website or can be requested by calling 1300 721 704.

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