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Ampelite Domestic Ventilators


Ampelite Domestic Ventilators



Ampelite supply turbo ventilators to effectively ventilate the ceiling space of an average home.  Homes with a large roof area may need more.
There are two Ampelite domestic ventilator models which are available in a range of colours to suit most roofs:


Ampelite ‘Spinaway


Ampelite ‘Superflow’


300mm throat.
This ventilator incorporates a unique three blade fan not available in the ‘Spinaway’ unit. Variable pitch base.  Sealed bearings. 15 year warranty.


Optional accessories available include:

BUSHFIRE PRONE AREAS – Ampelair Fireproof Vent Mesh 300mm comprising Grade 304 Stainless Steel woven wire.


The Ampelair Fireproof Vent Mesh has been developed to comply with the requirements of AS3959: 2009 the Australian Standard for Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas.  For further information, please contact your local Ampelite office.


Interior Grilles – these help provide year-round ventilation.


Under Eave Vents – improve effectiveness.


Ampelair exhaust the very hot air trapped in the roof space and lowers inside temperatures. Removes dampness and condensation. Improves bathroom ventilation. Prevents damp conditions that cause mould and mildew. Keeps insulation efficient. Provides effective natural ventilation of roof space, keeps interiors fresher.


One Ampelair AA300 turbo ventilator effectively ventilates the roof space of an average sized home. For larger homes a second ventilator is required.

Colour Range



Filter by finish



Classic Cream™

Cottage Green®

Deep Ocean®

Dover white™


Evening Haze®




Manor Red®


Night Sky®

Pale Eucalypt®


Shale Grey™





Woodland Grey®


  • Light, strong and durable construction. Free flow 300mm throat.
  • Twin bearings with stainless steel balls.
  • Variable pitch base, 0 to 45º.
  • Suits tiled or metal roofs.
  • Provides natural ventilation powered by the wind.  No electrical connection or ducting required.
  • Maintenance free operation. Relax and enjoy the benefits of cooler evenings and more comfortable living.


How it works – How it Saves

Ampelair turbo vents exhaust the very hot air that becomes trapped in the space between the ceiling and roof.  This prevents heat radiation into rooms.


A well ventilated home is protected from problems associated with moisture condensation and temperatures that can soar to a blistering 60ºC. In hot humid localities, mould, mildew, dry rot, and damp insulation (which becomes inefficient), is frequently found where proper ventilation is not provided.


Normal insulation is not enough to prevent heat radiation into your home. With effective roof space ventilation less heat is radiated into your rooms, and air conditioners and fans can cope more easily. Power costs are reduced.


Winter ventilation is important too!


Removes damp air – Saves on Heating

Moisture laden air from inside the home, and outside air, can condense and cause dampness. Good ventilation prevents damage to ceilings and roof timbers, formation of mildew etc. Shaded areas of your home particularly benefit.


Ceiling insulation loses its effectiveness when it becomes wet, and as a result, increases the need for heating to compensate for heat loss. Damp conditions can also cause ceilings to become mildewed. Proper ventilation of the roof space overcomes these problems and helps lower heating costs. Bathrooms and kitchen ventilation is also improved.


We recommend installation of 2 under eave vents per AA300 ventilator to ensure correct operation.



A simple to follow installation guide is printed on the Ampelair carton for both tiled and metal roofs.  No special tools are needed, and no electrical connections or special trade skills required.


A low cost professional installation service is available.  Ask us for more details.


If interior ceiling grilles are installed your Ampelair ventilator provides year-long home ventilation.




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