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VELUX Sun Tunnels

The VELUX Sun Tunnel has been designed to make installation quick and easy. Tube assembly is simple, so little time is spent in the roof cavity.

The VELUX flexible (TWF) and rigid (TWR) Sun Tunnels provide installation flexibility. Rigid tunnels are most suited to roof space with minimal obstructions. They have a highly reflective shaft to achieve maximum light output. Flexible tunnels can be used when obstructions in the roof cavity prevent the use of rigid sun Tunnels.

VELUX Sun Tunnels for pitched roofs are designed to provide natural light into corridors, stairwells, powder rooms and cupboards; where installation of a VELUX Skylight is not possible

Product Features:

  • Bushfire rating of BAL 29 (applicable to TWR installed between 18-60°)
  • Choice of highly reflective rigid or flexible tunnel (350mm diameter, lengths vary)
  • 4mm toughened external glass
  • Dual-layered ceiling diffuser – spreads light over an area of up to 9m²
  • Interior diffuser with ‘Edge Glow’ design
  • Outer polyurethane cappings with integrated flashings for tiled/corrugated iron roofs
  • ‘Stay Clean’ coating on glass exterior to reduce cleaning frequency


Flexible Sun Tunnels (TWF)

  • Excellent for ease and speed of installation
  • Easily bends around attic obstructions
  • Ideal for shorter tunnel lengths
  • Standard tunnel length of 2.2m provided


Rigid Sun Tunnel (TWR)

  • Flexi Loc™ tunnel systems for easy and speedy tunnel assembly
  • Pack includes 2 ‘elbow’ sections providing up to 45° bend
  • Standard tunnel length of 1.65m provided – 1240mm extensions available at extra cost (ZTR 0K14)
  • Excellent for long tunnel lengths – up to 6m

Velux Sun Tunnel Accessories – Electric and Rod Controls

  • Winder handle (White) to operate VC Opening Skylight within reach
  • Winder handle (White) to operate VCM Opening Skylight within reach
  • Short rod control 60cm to operate manual opening skylights
  • Extendable rod control to operate manual opening skylights 145-285 cm
  • Extendable rod control to operate manual opening skylights 100 – 180 cm
  • Active Starter Kit – 1 x Gateway, 1 x Climate Sensor & 1 x Departure Switch
  • Active Indoor Climate Sensor CO2, Humidity, Temp, Light
  • Interface +B27: B54 Unit – Connect to building management systems


  • No flashing included in the kit. If required, must be ordered separately
  • Lead time:
    Sydney Metro – 3 Business days
    Regional NSW – 4 Business days
  • Glass is High-Performance Double Glazing

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