Skylight Flashings

A crucial part of any skylight installation is the flashing system which is used to surround the skylight in the roof. The flashing is used as a way to ensure your skylight is waterproof.

All Metal provides two types of Skylights Base Flashings to suit VELUX Skylights. All bases are pre-fabricated and ready to install. All joins are polyurethane sealed and pop riveted. We stock all standard Colorbond colours.

flat roof flashing

Flat Roof Base Flashings

V flat roof base flashings are a curb mounted flashing, designed to suit the VELUX Flat roof range of skylights (FCM, VCM, VCS).

This Range of Base Flashings can be installed at a minimum of 1 degree roof pitch for profiles of Custom Orb, TrimDeck and Klip-Lok.

Range and Sizes:
1430 (460×870) 2222 (665×665) 2230 (665×870) 2234 (665×970)
2246 (665×1275) 2270 (665×1885) 3030 (870×870) 3046 (870×1275)
3055 (870×1505) 3072 (870×1935) 3434 (970×970) 3446 (970×1275)
4646 (1275×1275) 4622 (1275X665) 4672 (1275X1935)


pitched roof flashing

Pitched Roof Base Flashings

Pitched roof base flashings are designed to suit the following VELUX Skylights, on roof pitches above 15 degrees:

  • (FS) Velux Fixed Skylights
  • (VS) Velux Manual opening Skylights
  • (VSS) Velux Solar powered Skylights
  • (VSE) Velux Electric opening Skylights
Range and Sizes:
CO1 (550×700) CO4 (550×980) CO6 (550×1180) CO8 (550×1400)
MO2 (780×780) MO4 (780×980) MO6 (780×1180) MO8 (780×1400)
C12 (550×1800)
SO1 (1140×700)

Note: The orientation of the flashing is determined by the skylight chosen. For pitched roof skylights the orientation CAN NOT change. All measurements are shown as Width x Length.

Example: FS C01 550×700 – Width 550mm (across roof) x Length 700mm (up/down roof).

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