VELUX Blinds

Blinds designed for style and comfort
VELUX is a specialised and experienced manufacturer of blinds that fit perfectly with our Skylights. Our blinds are sleek and stylish – and have been designed with functionality in mind.

You can control the amount of light coming in. We offer 3 styles:
1. Honeycomb Blackout Blinds
2. Pleated Translucent Blinds
3. Solar Powered Blinds

blindsVELUX Solar Honeycomb Blinds

VELUX Honeycomb Blackout Blinds offer a sleek and contemporary solution for managing light and temperature in home spaces.

Designed with both style and functionality in mind, these blinds are perfect for enhancing interiors while achieving near-total darkness.

Product Features:

  • Stylish Design: The modern look fits seamlessly into any room, complementing a wide range of decor styles.
  • Honeycomb Pleats: The attractive honeycomb structured pleats not only look great but also contribute to the blinds’ efficiency in blocking out light.
  • Light Control: Achieve near-complete light blackout, making these blinds ideal for bedrooms, home cinemas, or any space where control over light is desired.
  • Temperature Reduction: Thanks to insulated air pockets within the honeycomb structure, these blinds can reduce heat by approximately 70%, enhancing comfort and saving on energy costs.
  • Colour and Design: Available exclusively in white, with white rails and body, ensuring a clean, minimalist aesthetic.
  • Manual and Solar-Powered Options: Catering to different needs and preferences, the VELUX Honeycomb Blackout Blinds are available in both manual and solar-powered versions, allowing for easy operation.

When to Consider the Honeycomb Blackout Blinds:

  • Ideal for rooms where complete light control is desired.
  • Beneficial in both hot and cold climates to help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and reduce energy costs.
  • Versatile choice for those who already have or plan to install VELUX skylights.

The VELUX Honeycomb Blackout Blinds provide an elegant and effective solution for improving sleep quality, creating a good ambience for movie watching, and reducing energy bills.

This product is available in the following dimensions:

Size Code C01 C04 C06 C08 M02 M04 M06 M08 S01 S06
Dimensions:mm 550×700 550×980 550×1180 550×1400 780×780 780×980 780×1180 780×1400 780×1400 1140×1180


blindsPleated Translucent Blinds

The Solar Blockout Blind for Skylights is an elegant solution designed to enhance indoor comfort by softening and filtering natural light.

This blind is ideal for those looking to reduce glare without sacrificing natural daylight, making it perfect for spaces where controlled lighting is essential.

Product Features:

  • Glare Reduction: Effectively minimises glare, making it easier to view screens and maintain a comfortable visual environment.
  • Light Filtering: Reduces incoming light by approximately one-third, providing a softer, more diffused light that enhances the ambience of any room.
  • Versatile Positioning: The blind can be adjusted to any position, offering flexibility in controlling the amount of light and privacy according to your needs.
  • Heat Reduction: Helps to decrease indoor heat by approximately 27%, contributing to a cooler and more comfortable living space. This feature is particularly beneficial during warmer months.
  • Colour Scheme: Available exclusively in white, with matching white rails and body, ensuring a clean and cohesive look that complements any interior design.
  • Easy Installation: Designed to integrate seamlessly with skylights, providing a tailored fit that enhances both functionality and aesthetics.

When to Consider the Pleated Translucent Blinds:

  • Great option if you want to significantly reduce glare while still allowing natural light to enter in dark areas of homes.
  • Beneficial in rooms where varying light levels are desired throughout the day.
  • Helps in creating a more evenly lit and comfortable environment.
  • Provides a level of privacy while still allowing some natural light to filter through.

blindsSolar Powered Blinds

The VELUX innovative solar-powered blinds are operated by a Radio Frequency wall-mounted keypad and require no wiring and no electrician to install.

  • Battery pack allows use day or night
  • Available in white only


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