Ampelite Domestic Fiberglass


Ampelite Domestic Fiberglass




Cuts 99% of harmful UV Rays

You can enjoy the outdoors feeling yet be protected from the sun, because Ampelite glass reinforced polyester sheeting has inbuilt protection against the transmission of harmful ultra violet rays. Sun without sunburn.


Australian Made

Ampelite sheeting is made to stand up to tough Australian conditions from Cairns to Cradle Mountain. When you choose Ampelite glass reinforced sheeting you can be sure that it has been made from the highest quality materials available using the world’s latest resin technology. Ampelite’s manufacturing process ensures that each phase of production is absolutely consistent from batch to batch.

Polyester film surface protection

This tough film forms an integral part of the sheet and increases its life as it prevents reinforcing fibres becoming exposed on the surface of the sheet.




Traditional, corrugated roofing & walling




There are so many ways to use Ampelite ‘Corri-glas’ and ‘Trim-glas. And, the cost is moderate, so it’s good value too.  If you want plenty of light, lasting protection from the sun, and a great home feature, start by drawing up a simple plan.

Ampelite sheeting is lightweight and easy to handle and install. Even projects such as an outdoor living area or carport can be a satisfying Do-It-Yourself job.
Before you order materials or commence to build you should check that your proposed work complies with local council by-laws. Minimum recommended roof pitch is 5º.

The tables below give you the maximum span between battens or purlins for the 1200 and 1800 series sheeting. Sheet lengths available are also shown, and the ‘Sheet coverage table’ helps you calculate how many sheets to buy.


Spanning Capacity


Domestic and Heavy Duty Grades
Profile Series Max.Span
Corri-glas’ (Corrugated) 1200 750mm
1800 1000mm
Trim-glas’ (5 Rib) 1200 900mm
1800 120mm


The span between battens or supports should not exceed the above measurements


Sheet Coverage Table
Profile 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5 Sheet
Corri-glas 760mm 1620mm 2380mm 3140mm 3900mm
Trim-glas 760mm 1580mm 2340mm 3100mm 3860mm

Corrugated sheets should have 1.5 overlaps, 1 rib only on 5 Rib sheets. Overlaps should face away from prevailing wind


Sheet Lengths
Profiles: Corrugated and 5 Rib
1.800m  2.100m  2.400m  2.700m  3.000m  3.300m  3.600m  3.900m  4.200m  4.500m  4.800m  5.100m  5.700m  6.000m

In addition to these stock lengths a cut to size service is available through most outlets.


Light and Heat Transmission
Grade 1200kg 1800kg
Light % Heat % Light % Heat %
Ice Clear 84 82 76 74
Opal (white) 69 62 69 62
Emerald Green 48 62 NA NA
Brown 45 62 NA NA
Slate Grey 48 60 42 52
Haze Green (in 1800g only) NA NA 60 72

The above tests were conducted by a NATA approved research laboratory and are available on request.


Ampelite Product Grades
Type Grade Weight
Domestic Series 1200 1.2kg per m2 (4oz)
Heavy Duty Series 1800 1.8kg per m2 (6oz)

Translucent Ridge Capping can be supplied in both grades


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